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These overarching values and intentions apply to our goals and strategies:

1. ELIMINATE ROADBLOCKS: Identify and eliminate the historical and structural barriers to digital equity for vulnerable, historically underserved or underrepresented residents, small businesses, organizations and communities.

2. LINK AND LEVERAGE: Link digital equity work to strategic areas, including education, jobs and economic development, health and human services, justice, safety, race and social justice, and civic engagement.

3. BOLD LEADERSHIP: As a non profit organization we strive to be stewards and innovators of digital literacy, ethic, equity, Upskilling.

4. CONNECT: Work together in partnership with government, cultural and community organizations, libraries, schools (PreK-12 and higher education), and business to build resources, maximize investments, and employ best practices in digital inclusion.

5. SMART CITIES: Plan technology infrastructure and services in coordination with community development to maximize public access, broadband capacity, digital education and innovation opportunities in disadvantaged neighborhoods and for vulnerable residents