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Cyber security is the state or process of protecting and recovering networks, devices, and programs from any type of cyber attack


Digital ethics is the field of study concerned with the way technology is shaping and will shape our political, social, and moral existence.

The Problem:

After years of enthusiasm-bordering on addition-about all things digital, the public has trust issues with technology. Online information isn’t reliable, whether it appears in the form of news, search results or user reviews.
Social media, in particular, is vulnerable to manipulation by hackers or foreign powers. Our personal data isn’t necessarily private. People are worried, will artificial intelligence, automation and robotic begin taking humans’ jobs.
The ultimate goal of I Am Digital is true digital enlightenment and freedom for all. We call for companies and other organizations to join us in debate and policy development on the potential and risks of technology in our society, politics and individual life.

Our current projects

Audio Fest:

In partnership with Tech This Out America host "Smart Artist" bringing digital literacy to the music community.

Mondo NYC

Smart Artists officially kicks off in New York thriving music scene. I Am Digital will host various panels discussion on empowerment and inclusion for musicians.


I Am Digital in partnership with GSMA promote STEAM learning to urban youth leveraging the power of entertainment to promote education and build entrepreneurs.

CES 2020

America 4.0 Townhall debate focused on Technology, Privacy, Cyber security and Digital Ethics.